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Date- 4/08/2020

Economics Theory bu a College kasim lai 1963a kana simdoh kamel chih jing khat chu “ Money is what Money does” kiti chu eiho hetthei ding in Sum kiti chu Sum natoh chu ahi tina ahi. Ahileh Sum natoh hi ipi ham? English in kichen jep in hitin akisei in ahi,

“Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment of goods and services and repayment of debts. The main functions of. MONEY are the distinguished as : a Medium of Exchange, a Unit of account, a store/ of Value and sometime a Standard deferred of payment. Any Item or Verifiable Records that fulfill this function can be considered as MONEY.

SUM chungchang thu isei masang uvin leiset chunga Miching Mithem hon sum chungchang a ipi ana sei uvem Quotation 16 ana ve masaute.

  1. Lack of Money is the root of all Evils.
    -Gorge Barnard Shaw 1856- 1950
  2. Who is Rich? He that is Content. Who is that. Nobody.
    -Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
  3. Money is the Sinew of Love as well as War.
    -Dr. Thomas Fuller 1654-1734
  4. Annual Income 20 pounds, Annual Expenditure 19 and six, Result happiness. Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 20 pounds and six. Result misery.
    -Charles Dikens 1812- 1870
  5. My problems lies in reconciling my Gross Habits with my Net Income.
    -Errol Flynn 1909- 1959
  6. The Rich are the Scum of the Earth in every Country.
    -G.K Chesterton 1874- 1936
  7. Make Money your God and it will plague you like the Devil.
    -Henry Fielding 1707 – 1754
  8. Make Money, Money by fair means if you can, if not but any means Money.
    -Horace 65 B.C – 8. B.C
  9. The Lack of Money is no Obstacles, lack of an Idea is an Obstacles.
  10. The Safest way to Double your Money is to Fold it over and put in your Pocket.
    -Kin Hubbert 1868- 1930
  11. Money alone sets all the World in Motion.
    -Publibeus Cyrus 100 B.C
  12. Money is the Opposite of the Weather nobody talks about it but everybody does something about it.
  13. No one can earn a Million Dollar honestly.
    -William Jennings Bryan 1860-1920
  14. Money is like a Six Sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the Other Five.
    -W. Sommerset Maugham1874- 1965
  15. Money cannot Buy Friends. But it can get you a better class of Enemy.

Achung a miching mithem hon Sum chungchang a ana sei houhu imu a ivet leh ichan hamkhat gei a Sum hi ipi ham ti phatah in a ahilchen tan ahi.

Mihem ichaloh uva na itoh uleh English a Economic Activity kiti jouse hi Sum mu nading ahilou leh Sum
khol na ding to kimat ahisoh kei in ahi. Sum hi aumlou leh itoh nom ibol nom khatcha kibol theilou ahilou jeh a Sum hi hol thei thei a holding mong ahi. Ahinla adihlou behseh a kihol chu adihlou in aki mang in adihlou in ache mang ji tai. Adih chet chet a sum hol hi ahahsa in mijouse bolthei ahipoi. Mi 1000 lah a khat jong umding in tahsan aumpon ahi. Dih behseh hih jongleh mihon avet a dih le kilom ho a khu mihon ahol u ahi. Sum hol dihlou kiti khu mi thading, matding natoh a Sum lo ho Govt. service hileh thingnoi mi hileh adihlou lou a mi engbol a asuh genthei phat leh Sum. lah na a neiho chu adihlou ahi.
Masang in Assam ah United Liberation Front of Assam [ULFA] kiti loi aum in hiche ho chu Assamese gollhang ngen ahi. Amaho chun *Marwari kivei them a sum neiho chung ah engset leh thangset abol uvin dihlou tah tah in sum a lakh leh crore in alah peh un chomkhat jouin surrender abol uvin thilpha thilhoi kabol e tin damlou kijen na ding Hospital hoitah tah asa uvin,Dibrugarh a kaum lai in jong *Hospital hoitah khat hetlou kah in ahung kitung doh in koisah ham tia kadoh leh surrender ULFA ho ahi. Totna tobang in kasei in hiche tobang Hospital a kijen chu kidam thei nading ham katin ahi. *Drug joh a sum tamtah mu a Hou in sahna lakh ijaham to doh tobang ahi. Sum pou pou chu adihlou behseh a kihol hohi akiman na a itobang in kimang jongleh asot pon ahi.

Ahileh Sum hi iti kholding ham? Sum kholna ding bailam pen chu Nei ding leh Choh ding khoh lou ho pou pou chohlou ding ahi.
A kichoh louleh hitheilou ho vetsahna dinga sangkhol, toka, nichen ponsil chuleh dammo natna a nehding lou le ai angaicha ho choh tei tei ding ahi.
Numei hohi alhangpi in sum hol a apan loujeh uvin pasal sang in Sum jah in ahatjo uivn ponve 3 leh 4 inei leh kilhei le na ding a phajah ahi in numei kimkhat hi ponve in a angol uvin ponve man tam tah tah Rs. 10,000/- val lang choh ding ago uvin ponve 10, 20 nei ding ago uvin hiti ho chu ngailou beh ahi.

Vetsahna ding in
masang a Phillipines gam President Ferdinand Marcos jinu Imelda Marcos kitinu chun numei kengchot in angol in leiset chung a numei kengchot hoi jouse achomkhom in ladies shoes 5000 val anei e akiti in ahi. Numei ho atam jo Sum jah ahat e akitivang in numei kimkhat hi a chip a chip jong umlou ahipoi. Talaiya mison kakisot sah pa in a nu tehse kum 80 val apa Assistant Inspector of School family penson sang leh asopi nu lhakhat Rs.20,000 sang khat in akikhit behseh lhon in khat vei beh me. chohding a gel lhon poi ati.
Mihem in keng ni kinei ahin alhompen akengchot 2 nei angai in atam pen a 10 inei jongleh pha jan jah ahi.
Kengchot to 5000 chu iti kibu ding ham detmo umtah ahi. Pasal in longpant 2 leh 3 inei leh alhing in sangkhol 4 leh 5 inei leh alhing in longpant 100 kinei henlang shirt 100 kinei leh ipi phachom di ham. Kengchot ni nei angai in Govt.na katoh lai Officer sangtah kahi laiyin jong kengchot to 2 val kanei ngaipon kahung retire jou in kachaten kah lah lah leh ei chohpeh ji un 3 leh 4 kanei in ahi.

Isei nom uchu angaicha behseh louho hi choh lou ding ahi. Pate kimkhat in sum anei jeh jong hilou in achanu ham achapa ham adei sah jehin kichepna ding doll 3 leh 4 ngai ahin 100 chohpeh leh sum leu na ding keu hilou in akoina ding jong in ningnoh sah ahi.
English te Quotation khat in, “Economy is a great Source of Income,” ati chu dih ahi. Sum jang lhom ho chu Sum hao ahi. Bazar a che a choh ding hol thu thu a Sum jang hat ho chu hao theilou ding ahi.

Sum kiti chu hinkho ahi amu phat laikhat aum in hinkho lhung kei a kimu ahipoi. Hinkho lhungkei a akimu lou vanga hinkho lhung keia sum umlou lou a kihing thei ahipoi.

Sum khol hat in ahinla Nasum nei chu mi dinga na it leh thukhat ahi in nangma ding kisan in it hih in. Adeh a na damthei na ding in na sum it hih beh in. Sum neitah ka in kopa TintongLhungdim Churachandpur a mihao pen lah kisim pa chu Dubrugarh a ka um lai 1992-2001 laichu khatvei ajinu toh ahung kholjin ìn Shillong Club a Cottage Room khat jankhat a Rs.300 man ah lhung lhon in kat leh a engset jeh in asum a
it n alhung nom pon ahi. Kasei chu nasum chu mijahding na engset jong leh nangma beh in jang in kati ahi.
hopi a ache a a jinu toh alhun na ding Hotel Room nomjep a sum it jeh a alhung ngam pouvin atahsa damlou na anei ji jongleh hoilai a Hospital phapen em Dr koi them pen em tia kijen sangin asum a it jehin aki jen nompon a hinkho lhing nailou in lhanmol ajontan ahi.

Achaina in sum iti kholding ham themkhat sei ute. India sunga khopi len a khutdo
beggar kiti hohi sum them khat khat a mihon alungset man a apeh, houhi atam jo hin akhol khol in neh leh chah tui le al jing ane pouvin asum khol chu aboipi uvin athi jou phat leh sum lakh tamtah nei aum e ti akihe jing in akija in ahi. English te in nisat pet [Sunnyday ] a na natoh thei a nasum mu chu khoset [rainy day] ni a naman ding in kikhol in atichu, save your money for use in bad weather atiu ahi. Mihem khatvei na itoh thei vanga natoh theilou kan, dammo, kan aum in hiche phat a dinga chu sum chu themkhat beh kikhol ngai ahi. Anukhah pen in March 25 a kipat a Covid 19 jeh in Lockdown ahung um in tun lha 4 aval tan koiman na atong thei tapon natoh theilou kiti chu Economic Activity Sum holna dingleh sum muna ding a na kitong theilou ahitai. Sum themkhat beh ana kholdoh lou ho dinga chu jing an jan an ngol abai a bai ahitai.
Tua hi Govt.natong Office a adih behseh lou a aniseh a sum tam tah tah muhi hilou jouse Govt. in alha tolop apeh jing jeh a hi ama hohin tuni chan a jing an jan an nehding anei uh ahi.

Sum kiti hi akipat til tulai a tobang [CURRENCY NOTES]| SUM ana um masang in thil khat le thilkhat kilheh to Ahcha leh khoiju kilheh to English a Barter System kiti ana um in hiche hi kum lakh khat masang a ana um ahitai akitin ahi.
Dibrugarh a la im lai 1992-2001 lai chun December 30,1999 chun ka ji lehkachate toh chuleh kilhonpi phabep leh Digboi a Tea planter Pawan Goyal toh Digboi a
8 A M in kakipandoh un India gamgi kon a um LAKE OF NO RETURN kiti mun minthang tah Burma gamsung um veding in kakon doh un Margerita,Ledo kajot un Arunachal Changlangm District sung a um town nukhah pen Nampong a um Assam Rifles ho a kon in Lake of No Return umna kom border Pansau Pass chenading permit kakilah un StillWell Road? 12 km cheding in kakipatdoh kit un ahi. Ajehchu Nampong kallang hi Restricted Area ahijeh in koima mohche theilou ahitai.
Hiche Stillwell jotna hi Virgin Forest ahin;gam got lai December jeng in jong lampi bon a um in ka gari hou a oh den in kasotdoh thouvin ahi Border a Pillar khat a um in hisung hi level a 3320 ft asang ahi hiche sung hi PANGSAU PASS kiti chu ahi.Hisung ahin lhakhat leh 2 vei lhaseh 15 leh 30 in Bazar a um in hiche Bazar hi achung a isei u BARTER SYSTEM ahi Burma lang hon Ahcha ahin poh uchu India lam che hin a poh u Jotpi [nails]ham Chi [Salt] ham ahilou leh tupeh [Spade] toh kilheh to ahi. Hiche Pangsau Pass a kon in Burma gamsung a kache suh un Lake of No Return chu anainathei pen a kaga ve uvin ahi.
Kinung le LounaDila kacheiva kahung
kinung le uchu kipa umtah ahi.

Hitia ahung um chu Mesopotamia [Iraq] gam a Shekel kiti agih lam [unit of weight] atepi a chang hum 10 kg a gih ti tobang hiche hi jong B.C 3000 lai a hung kipan doh ahi.
Herodotus, historian pa sei dungjui in Lydians hon sana leh dangka ana mang masapen uvin ahi. Tulai scholar hon agel dan uvin stamped coin chu B.C 650 akipat 600 kikah a chu Mint, [asemna factory tobang tampi kisem na] a ana kusem pan ahitai atiuvin ahi.
China gam a Song Dynasty Jiaozi chun Paper money ana mang masapen uve akitin ahi.

Churachabpndpur Town a hao pen a kisei mi 3 hon Sum chung chang a ipi asei uvem?

A hao pen ding a kisei pan , Paisa kanei lou atin, aban a pan, Paisa dere khom kanei noh matin , abana pan ,Siki jong kahei poi ati kit in AMAHO LAH A A HAODING GINCHAT 3 NA PAHI HAOPEN DAN AHI, ajeh chu a Haopen pan Sum
kaneipoi atia a aban a pan Dere jong kaneipoi akikit leh Dere 2 akigop leh Siki ahijeh a Siki neipa chu haopen ahi.

Na engset a na Chip lou laise nahao lou ding tina hinte.

Thusimbu Machal jing thei na ding a pan lanom ho kipah tah in lem ahijing in ahi anoiya button “Click Here” khu meh utin details anasim ute.