Based on True Life Story of

John Haokip

Max Hegou Dimngel

Sadar Hills I.T Road, Kangpokpi; Manipur, India sunga um D.Kotlen akon tua Aimol (Kangpokpi) a cheng kaloipa John @Thangjangam-Haokip, M.Div , Renown Artiste’s (Gospel Singer) thusim anasim pantao hite👇.

Kei le John hi Paopu 👬tia anakikou jing kahilhonne, Amahi Pr. Henminlal-Haokip, IBMC noija pasal li (4) channa anahie👨‍👨‍👧‍👦; chule anoija pasal khat (1)🙍‍♂️Chukitle Numei thum (3)👩‍👩‍👦 penpi ucha aneijin ahi, Anule Pa’n Innsung genthei tah a hinkhou khah ahiti seidoh louvin anakichin jingin, Lungtup ananeihi keikoma bou anaseijin ahi. Kinjong tahsa a loilegol kivop hinajal chun kingailutah in kahung kithojing laitah chun, John hi Innsunga kiseingaite ahijehva mijale gin um anahiuve. Phat ahung chejingtan ahile amajong kakhou va Ng. Afrena Khongsai 👩‍❤️‍👨toh ahung kingaitan ahile keichu😊ama kithopidin eina tem’e.Keini kingaichula jaan ahung hitengle GM-Hall sunga X-mass adia Nungah Gollhang hon Balcony a kikoitup pol (chaff) chunga chun kahung gehjing lhontai, Ajehchu Lentol kom’a alungdeinu techu chengu ahin; Amunom jijeh achu blanket abahsah ahie😅, Hitichun N70 Nokia📲 aneichu Laa🎵 alhajin kin kangaijia amanla Guitar🎸a Paotinkai Kipgen Laasah “Mitin laileng tamjongle” te asan amao2 jin anahi. Hichun amani jongchu kingaitah in aumjing lhon in ahi. Ahinla phat ahung chen ahile; Kaloipa John hi munchomma lekha simdin anapot doh gotan ana kilhalel lheh lhonne, Ahivangin khonunga chihna le thepna ding apoimo jehchun angaitah Ng.Afreana chu ana dalha’n themjilna lamchu lunghel tah in SHALOM Travel (Bus) achun akaldoh in mitlhi😓pummin lenna vangkho chu anadalha tai. Hitichun phatle nikho achal bangin kaloipa John @Thangjangam (Paopu) chun Cl-X11 ahin chaijin D.Kotlen khoa alungset nu chenna ahinle jottan anahi, Chujouvin keikomma “U Max (Paopu)🤣, Afreana dam2 hinam? Kamunom valle kigon gachekhom hite”, eitin kinjong apetchun kakilhon phei togomma thil umchan hochu kaseipeh tan anahie.🧏‍♂️Ama jong akigelleh angailuttah Afreana gelphah louva adalhah (jineidoh) chu apona’n akaptan ahi😭. Nikhat hi kakhosah va Maokot Baptist Church, KBC Anngol Taona a chedin eitemmin kajaolhon kahung kichaiva Chale nehthei🍺🧀 kaneh pet uhin; Vow👩‍💼Ng.Naolhing-Hangshing (wife) hi ahindei chatan ahi, Kinjong gamlatah le khochom cheh Gambih no.gup (6) sungbou ahijehchun nidangle gavildin kalhembi tai. Vangphat umtah in John hi kakhouva Govt. UJB School a Ojapu (Teacher) in ahung pangtan anahi, Kinjong ama aboikahle hitichun class a kanakhel jin ahi. Phatle nikho kihei dungjuija keini jong Gamdang cheh a themjil kanahi lhonne, amajong Kakhou BYF (BYD) Chairman anahin, Keijong Houbung a Sound & Light💒🎤💡tohmun (portfolio) kanapo’n ahie. John @Thangjangam hi mipha loilegol dia sinthei umtah mipontho ahidan kahetjeh chun kana kingailhonne, Tua a inneipi (Ajinu) komma alunggel seidinga chedin Govajang I. T Road a einapui jin hitichun vangphat umtah chun ngailutna dimset in einalem lhonne; Ajinga kahung kile jou hin T.Waichong a Camp umdin kanache lhontan ahile, Pakaija Hinna dihtah chu anakimu tan anahie.

Sappao a simnom hon amatah (John Haokip) in asut jong isimthei u ahi.
I am Thangjangam Haokip. I came from the state of Manipur I have parents I have three brothers and three younger sisters and one younger brother and I am fourth born of my parents. I am Married, I have two Daughters.
My Life without Christ’s.
I was thus established in the Christian way of living from my childhood, But I had not yet experienced the real Faith in my personal life . I spend my life in worthless and outwardly I was so pious and good Christian , but in deep inside my heart there was no peace and satisfaction .The real joy of being Christian was totally absent before I accepted Christ in my life.
The Way I come to know Christ personally.
One day the youth fellowship organized camp in a village called T, waichong the pastor encounter me in a meeting by explaining all about what is sin and salvation . He explained me more about that one could not saved himself by being religious activities or good deed but grace of god alone can save a man , so, encounter with a pastor it became a turning point for my life towards Christ.
So once I committed my life for him to do his ministry and to go wherever he sends me , I have come across so many problems and difficulties in my life ,Since I was bachelor I was influenced by the worldly things and I started enjoy my life. Then I have aim in life that is to become an Indian army, I try my level best to achieved my goal but I could not and it was not possible and I became backslider , since then I had no point of going for some other way of life for the better future so I decided to get marry and plan a future life with the family so, I got married in the years 2011.
After getting marriage I went through so many problems and difficulties in my family life .My personal life became so worse not only that the condition of my family life was one of the tools which effected the spiritual life as wells .Even though I went through problems and difficulties ,trials and temptation and unstable in my faith, God was so faithful and gracious to me and my family and he called me again and again for his glorious ministry,
Since I was longing for the way to go for theological training ,God heard my prayer and called me to study his word ,But my family was in pathetic condition because they cannot survive without me and no one was there to take care of them so, I prayed to God and he paved the away for me to go and study in minor seminary in 2014.
Since ,I was in minor seminary I went through great problem in financial ,because there is no one to help me one day the leaders ask to give fees but I don’t have a single paisa so I sold my t –shirt and I gives my fees in another side my wife was about to deliver but no one was there to take care of her with all this difficulties and problem and by the grace of god I could finished the first years and when I went home god blessed me with a daughter.
Again god called me further study in this mayor seminary , the leadership had selected me to go for further study but the situation of my family was in critical condition, no financial support especially for booking ticket and some pocket money to spend but God was so gracious to me so, one day early morning one mother came to me she told me early morning I went and sold some vegetables and I got 20 rupees so she gave me so, like wise I got some amount of money from my neighbors and friends and I could come here for further study.
So I though that I may have some peaceful life ,but all of sudden I got a news that my elders daughter was in serious condition , there was no financial support at my home for her treatment, on the other side, I was here in this seminary in need of money ,so I started fasting and prayer for my daughter healing but instated of growing better it grew worse and worse and she was admitted in hospital and report came that she was in need of blood and the doctor suggested that the father has to give blood if not further treatment cannot be done .So my situation was extremely predicament. And my aunty told me that your daughter will not be able to cure her sickness so before she passed away you better to leave the seminary and come. In another side my Mother in law told me that if your daughter passed away also don’t worried god gave your daughter so he can give you another children so depend on God continue your study. Then it was another problem that, I could not simply take a decision and leave the Seminary a gain due to my family problems. On the other side my aunty passed away and the condition of my family was completely subdue with full of crisis.
But in the depth of problems and difficulties ,God has shown his grace and light into my family through the extreme aids from our Believers church leadership . I am so happy and thankful to our Beloved Metropolitan and our Believers church Leadership for donating 16,000 for my daughter treatment and she got completely healed.
So, I want to encourage you from my small testimony that is problems and difficulties are the step to go forward to become a successful person in our life.

EPISODE 1 hichan chun akichai tai. Aban ana ngah kit taute. Asim jouse Pathen in phatthei eiboh cheh tauhen. Kakipah e.