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geljang resort


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3rd December, 2022

The name of the tourist destination is GELJANG RESORT. Located about 15 Kms from Churachandpur town.

Actually once I had an occasion to visit Geljang Resort. However since I couldn’t enter the main area of the resort by car luckily the T.C Network representative made the proprietor of Geljang Resort who is the second son of Khaikholien Haokip. Luckily my family and myself had a relationship with the Late Chief of Geljang Pu Mangkhothong Haokip. Once I had decided to visit Pu Mangkhothong Haokip however when I reached the village they told me that on that day itself he had been taken to hospital Imphal. Unfortunately I couldn’t meet him alive. Interesting story about how Pu Mangkhothong had come into contact with my family.

It is likely my late brother Tongvom Lhungdim after completing his Intermediate of Arts in D.M College in Imphal he could not continue further because of his health problems. He came and joined our family in Tolphei Village sometime in 1950. After our family migrated from Loikhai village to Tolphei village in the early part of 1946. And my late brother joined us sometime in 1950. My late brother was a highly brilliant person. Though educationally he was not even a graduate but in writing and speech in English nobody can beat him because of his command in written and spoken English. My late brother Tongvom was really conscious about the spread of literacy and education. He therefore invited some young men from the neighbouring villages. I remembered only a few of them they are one Pu Nehkhojang from Hengkot village and Pu Ngulkhohen Taithul from the same village. The third person was late Pu Mangkhothong Haokip from Geljang village. Luckily his initiative is by some of them like Pu Ngulkhohen Taithul to get a teaching job Govt. L.P School. As far as I know sometime in the year 1956 Pu Ngulkhohen Taithul was posted as an L.P School teacher in Sumchinvum village. I remembered vividly once when I went to Songtal alone from Churachandpur I halted at his village to spend the night. From Sumchinvum I had travelled to Songtal alone in my journey whenever I was alone I used to run on the road. The road was full of shortcuts, at Lungthul village I went together with a group of travellers from Mizoram. After staying almost two years in Songtal I could master to speak Paite Language as if i was born from a Paite family. Those travellers from Mizoram couldn’t distinguish whether I was a Paite or Kuki. Such was my mastery of the Paite language. However unluckily in the year in 1979 there was the school anniversary of Songtal M E School. I was invited and I went along with my two daughters Nenei and Chinneo. The only difference after 40 years was the water supply of Songtal Village. During my time before 40 years water was collected from the water point known as Luikhuh by taking water pots. However after 40 years I found that pipe water was available in Songtal Village.

The second relationship I had with the present chief of Geljang village Pu Khaikholien Haokip is that he is a product of Gandhi Memorial High School where he had passed his HSLC examination sometime in the 70’s. And secondly when I was posted in Jorhat from 1975-1984 he had been sent by the Govt. of Manipur for a training in Sericulture at Titabar near Jorhat along with late Pu Thangpao Haokip son of Late Pu Thangkhongam and Pi Vahja Haokip with whom I we had been living in Tolphei village.

Pu Khaikholien Haokip married the daughter of Rev. Siemkung whose son L.B Sona is known to me in social circle.

Let me tell you the story of how I had been to Songtal M.E School in 1955. My late brother Tongvom got a teacher post at Songtal U P School sometime 1954. In the year 1954 my brother was teaching in Mizo High School in Churachandpur town. The Headmaster was Pu Tualvung B.A. At that time B.A was a scarce commodity. My brother Ngulkhohao Lhungdim who later became MLA Saikot Constituency for 3 Consecutive terms from 1974-1989 accompanied by my late brother Tongvom. At that time there was only one bus running from Churachandpur town to Singngat. The road was full of dust and when we reached Singngat we put up in the house of Pu Luaizakham Samte who was a teacher in Singngat village. We cooked our food by ourselves and we used the house of Pu Luaizakham Samte for shelter at night. Early in the morning we treck from Singngat and many of the roads were shortcuts we couldn’t reach Songtal in one day. So one night we halted in Lungthul village. Lungthul village incidentally happened to be Singson Village but they all speak in Paite language. From Lungthul village we went up to Mualnuam and halted at the house one Lhungdims family. And from Mualnuam to Songtal it was only 5 miles. When we reached Songtal Village my elder brother used to stay at the residence of Pu Vungluai Tonsing. Pu Vungluai was the founder of Songtal School sometime in 1928. And I was to take a meal at the residence of Pu Vungkhothang compounder and my younger brother Pu Ngulkhohao had to take a meal at the residence of Pastor Kamkhogin Ngaihte. Pastor Kamkhogin Ngaihte had two daughters the elder one was Pi Thuomnu a beautiful woman who ultimately married Pu Vungkhothang compounder. Pu Vungkhothang’s son has still maintained our relationship after the death of his parents. In the case of pastor Kamkhogin’s younger daughter Pi Zenkhoman she happened to be married to Pu Paokholian Songput. Both of them left their govt. service and started the drug addict centre known as Gamnom Christian Home. Their sacrifice for the rehabilitation of the group is unfathomable. Many drug addicts from Mizoram had come to Gamnom Christian Home. Some churches in Mizoram like Tuikual had rendered valuable service by constructing houses for the drugs addict centre.

To conclude our discussion regarding Geljang Resort I strongly recommend any visitor from outside Manipur to stay at Geljang Resort guest house at least one or two days as Geljang Resort offers varieties of spots and entertainment and also boating facility. At last I would like to say that such a resort is the only place in Manipur. Kindly pay a visit without fail you will not be disappointed or frustrated.

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